Our People


Florencia B. Inosa

Cheif Operating Officer

Nestor C. Santiago



Responsible for the execution of contracted projects and fabrications, according to the proposals submitted and approved by the clients. Must do training of personnel as necessary to improve proficiency, efficiency nd safety consciousness. Provide data for the prepartion of progress reports, quotations, billings, recommendations, added materials or personnel and all necessary inputs for future project or work implementation or improvement. Technical and skilled pesonnel are technical supervisor , mechanics, electricians, machinist,welders, millwrights, carpentaers, masons, plumbers, steelman and helpers. Must be responsible for the upkeep of tools and equipment and other instruments being used by the group.


Responsible for the preparation of project studies and quotations, conduct test and examination of data, prepares proposal or change order, prepare billings and progress report and recommendations. Prepare tools and materials take of and personnel requirement for the project as required, coordinatingclosely with the operation group. The department consist of NDT personnel , mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, designers and CAD operators. In charge of safekeeping of technical data , work specifications, euipment and working drawings and other related materials needed to project preparation and completion.Must provide technical data or specifications needed for the procurement of aterials and equipment needed per project.


Responsible for the promotion of the products and services being offered by the corporation. Must provide inputs to help in developing more products and services and competitive pricing that is best for the corporation and the client. Must help in developing the image of the corporation thru right representation and working closely with engneering and operation for the satisfaction of the client / owner of the project. Must follow up the billing of the complete project and do the needed skills and knowledge to area sales/ marketing representatives to be able to communicate clearly with the propective or existing clients with regards to their requirements of the product and services. The department consist of Sales & Marketing Head, Sales Engineer and Customer Service Respresentative.


Responsible for the promotion of the company's Safety Policy in providing a safe , healthful and attractive working condition , to promote, develop and maintain a safe and productive work practices in all aspects of its business and to comply to all laws and regulations governing activities.


Provide administrtive and financial support to other department such as engineering, operations and sales. Do internal auditing and reports directly to the Cheif Operating Officer . Recruit competent professionals according to the needs of Department. Responsible for ordering materials as per needed and Provide mechanical assistance to the transportation vehicle of the company.Personnel under this division are: Administrative Assistant, Accounting Staffs, IT Developers, Human Resources, Purchasing Staff, Warehouse Supervisor and Staffs Event and Promotion Head and Staff, Building Maintence, Liason Staff, Transportation Maintenance. Must Coordinate schedule of drivers and vehicles for proper mobilization of personnel and equipment and delivieries of materials from the warehouse of the accredited suppliers.